Friday, December 24, 2010

The Ball is in China’s Court. Part 1

Last month I was in my home place in India. While traveling, an article in Times of India (leading Indian News Paper) caught my attention. Article was about CBSE Board (One of the Key Educational System) introducing Chinese Language (Mandarin) in Schools. In article it was clearly mentioned that looking into growing economic importance of China, Mr. Vineet Joshi Chairman of the board has decided to introduce Mandarin in schools.

I was happy to read that article. Breaking the barriers of conventional way of education i.e. Local Language + Hindi (India’s National Language) + English, CBSE board decided to go for Mandarin. Obviously China's growth story deserves this attention. Recently China developed a train that can run at 262 Miles per hours (Fastest in World). It's developing Aircrafts now, There are huge number of patents  by Chinese Scientists. So it’s not just low cost manufacturing anymore and there is a lot that china has achieved over years. Clearly we are today in a world where everyone is ready to accept China in its new role of economic superpower (Willingly or unwillingly). Map Below tells us why.

Map of countries by foreign currency reserves and gold minus external debt based on 2009 data from CIA Factbook
While having all these thoughts in mind I turned some pages of Newspaper and found one more article on China. I don’t remember title exactly but it was related to “Attitude Issues of China with its neighbors”. It was clearly mentioning unhappiness of China’s neighbors e.g. India, Japan, S Korea. In recent incidence of arrest of marine Japan found itself in kind of secondary position. (Historically Japan has upper hand in Wars with China and obviously knowing Japan they won’t forget such insults easily) China has issue with India over Arunachal Pradesh, Stapled Visa for Kashmir residents, and hence is not considered partner of trust by Indians (No matter how many times Wen Jiabao visit to Delhi and whatever he says). All this bad “body language” clearly brings clouds of suspicion on China’s position as economic superpower. As George Soros rightly said, China must understand the advantages and responsibilities that come along with Leadership position, looks like probably they still don’t understand it.

Crash of 2008 has brought turning point in the story of China. Awkward position on reserves may also be a key source of frustration on their side, which fumes out on neighbors as they can’t say /do much to US. But they must understand that winner especially new winner has many enemies and one mistake can turn success story into catastrophe.

In short I think ball is in China’s Court. By building environment of trust and harmony with its Asian counterparts China can make 21st Century truly as “Century of Asia”. Else if they are not able to cope up with pressure / continue with attitude issues, their mistakes even can convert Asia into the battlefield of Major WAR. (May be WW III)


  1. Why must China back off all the time? The USA keep saying China is decades behind and China says that China is decades behind the US and the West. So what is everybody worried about? I have even read Americans asking if the Chinese stealth can fly. So what is there to worry about?
    Must China disarm? When China was weak, I have read what the West (and dont forget japan) did to China. So if China wants to be equal to the West, then it is China's right to become equal.

  2. Amaresh Ashok GangalJanuary 11, 2011 at 12:20 PM

    Hi Frank, may be you are right, But common Man in China Do not want any War with anyone. Also common man in other countries do not want War ../ weapons. Common Man just want Freedom Liberty, Open Society, True prosperity.

  3. Nobody wants war except those who want to profit from it,politician/war industry/so call patrisan....

  4. 'China and India can dominate'
    The interview with Clove Granger (Nobel laureate for economics since 2003):

  5. I agree with what Amaresh has said in the last line of this article. I can definitely see China not stopping its aggression against neighboring country, India. After end of Laden, they have increased all sorts of OPEN help to Pakistan and that's not a good sign at all.
    There are recent news about China getting aggressive in Arunachal again & building projects which may divert flow of water in Indian rivers.
    India and China cannot be on one side ever.. so no signs of any allies to become joint economic power. I think earlier our Govt understands it, better it will be for India.
    I can definitely see signs of a possible war (WW III), because of China's growing aggression.


  6. There is no doubt that most countries in the world will have to reshape their domestic and foreign policies in view of the growing economic importance of China. I am pleased to hear that now people are trying to learn Mandarin. PhD Dissertation Writing Service