The content on this blog is completely original and is not copied from anywhere. Being said this, on this page we are sharing videos of some great economists that can help our readers understand our philosophy better. And these videos are copied from Youtube.

GDP Right Measure ??

ABC of Money.

Milton Friedman explaining inflation in his amazing style.

What is QE II

Jim Rogers on Stimulus.

George Soros has already started an institute for New Economic thinking. He is the man who can be called as mentor of many investment legends. His life story is unbelievable and he is looking forward for creating tomorrow's economic system.

Milton Friedman he is known as the most influential economist of 2nd half of 20th Century. He has won Noble Price in economics.

Mr Jim Rogers. If we listen this video We realize that we have to listen to this man he is 68 Years old, in 30-40 age he run quantum fund with George Soros then visited whole world on Bike. and now settle in Singapore with his daughters.

Impact of Stimulus.. "Overdose" great documentary developed by one Swedish Person.