About us

Vision :

To reach 1% of total 7.5 Billion of world population (estimated in 2020) i.e. to 75 Million Absolute Unique Visitors by 2020.

Mission :

To provide very simple and unique perspective to complex economic and Social Issues. Develop Articles, Maps, Charts and Cartoons that touches common man in uncommon way.


Unpolitical approach.
Global thinking although may have country specific material.
Respect of each opinion.
No Revenue target no target really .. Just for fun...

How will we reach there.

We study history, economics, apply some common sense, and love to write on various topics. Our Article development cycle is very simple.

# We have topic in our mind.
# We gather facts and numbers.
# Discuss with like minded people; many times with old people.
# Develop graph / images using simple tools.
# Outline flow of article.
#Write it, review it, Publish it.

Where we lack.
# Our current average output is article per 4 to 5 weeks. We want to take it to Article per 2 weeks and then every week.

- Author