Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Stimulating Credibility.

It is said that with money and power one can get everything in life but not credibility. What has happened with economy is exactly same today. With stimulus markets are up but not confidence. People are still concerned a lot about economy, inflation etc.. Nobody is actually able to visualize something like complete collapse but people are still nervous about it. In last 2 weeks there has been more discussion about Double Dip recession that is natural trend of market.

            Another observation that I had in recent week was difference in strategy. While countries like Germany and UK are behind budget cuts, in US, India, stimulus is still considered as preferred way to fight with recession.

            In either ways, gold touching it’s all time high, and overall nervousness in economy; governments are desperately trying to give confidence to system. In general it might mean a time for another stimulus in US or say direct injections in economy or efforts to reduce deficit in some other countries. All they are doing now is to stimulate credibility.


  1. Let's face it folks, Capitalism did not work.

    We are transforming into a communist light government and most of us are as happy as can be. Look at China (explosive growth), Venezuela (explosive growth) and Cuba (free education, free health care and good economy).

    Most of the rube, hoi poli Republican hicks stayed home and blogged, tweeted and Facebooked and bringing back a racist country, while we assembled millions to vote. By the way, we'll do it again.

    Listen to your radio shows, blog to your hearts content. We'll be voting.

  2. To annonymous,
    Are you that much of an ignoramus? That you applaud the slow route to socialism. Show me one country that has more prosperous people then poor in any communist country.

    And it's painfully obvious that you have not traveled to any of these countries. As you would see what happens with "free" care

  3. "Cuba...good economy". Ya had me going there until I read that. Good one!

  4. Venezuela and Cuba-yah great economies. Hey Anonymous, are you on crack? Capitalism is the best system, you work and you get paid. Go smoke some hippy lettuce!

  5. You work you get paid, that's capitalism? Go snort some Wall St white.